• It is very diffucult to prevent droughts because it is a lack of rainfall and we can't control it.
  • However you can conserve water so that a little bit goes a long way.
  • Make sure that you conserve enough water for you and everyone.
  • You can stop wasting water
  • Stop washing your car and watering your lawns and have way shorter showers

  • You can also reuse water by using the water you shower with to water your lawns.
  • Also you can hand wash all your dishes.
  • 1 EDIT: I would like to add that dishwashers are often proven to save waghhgghhghghter more than hand washing.
  • 2 edit : i would like to add that dishwashers may save water but not eletricity so if you see it together hand washing in better and poor can not effort the cost of dishwasher i guess.